Individual Therapy

Fleur Melville and Jo-Anne Nighy, who facilitate our self-help and therapy groups, are psychotherapists offering individual sessions to clients.

Please note that if you are attending SASH group sessions, Fleur and Jo-Anne cannot offer you individual sessions at the same time. 

Fleur Melville

I have trained as a Body Psychotherapist at the Entelia Institute, London.  I have also practiced as a Homeopath, Reflexologist and Massage therapist for several years.  I joined the SASH team in 2013, a role that has enriched me both personally and professionally.  My interest in anxiety comes from my own sense and journey with anxiety.  To travel with someone who understands the landscape can be useful when we try and navigate a more grounded and peaceful way of existing. 

I primarily work on the basis that our minds and bodies hold patterns and beliefs about ourselves. To release ourselves from the bondage of fear or anxiety or any other challenging or stuck aspects of our lives we should be interested in those patterns, stories and beliefs that both the mind and body hold onto. 

With this thought in mind my practice is centered around reconnecting to the world and our relationships in it, both with the spoken word but also in the body in the form of deep massage or lighter touch when invited and appropriate.  I am interested in providing a safe, welcoming and loving environment where my clients can cultivate new possibilities and journey with me into compassionate self acceptance and renewed aliveness.  Every client is a gift which enriches my own experience and understanding of what it is to just 'be human' and for that I am both privileged and humbled to walk alongside them.

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Jo-Anne Nighy

My interest in Social Anxiety comes from my ongoing personal relationship with fear and anxiety. I have been part of the SASH team of facilitators since 2013. I seem to attract and am drawn to clients who are searching for ways to cope with fear and survival and yearn to dare to express their uniqueness and aliveness.

Through Deep Bodywork, we can explore our basic needs, our unique ways of: Reaching out to and connecting with others, receiving and taking in what we need, forming boundaries to define and keep ourselves safe, to see and be seen by others, our capacity to move out into the world and come home to ourselves and rest. These processes may have been supported or not in our lives; noticing our patterns gives us a window and the option to take a breath and open up to our potential and life’s possibilities.

I am a relational body orientated therapist. In my own personal experience as well as that of my clients I have been lucky enough to bear witness to extraordinary shifts in consciousness due to bringing attention back to the body mind. Deep Bodywork sessions are totally unique and individual to each person. There are innumerable ways of exploring, I have been trained in using well-intentioned touch in a therapeutic relationship, this may come in the form of holding or using massage strokes or simply noticing what happens in the body, depending on the client and what is ok for the individual.

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