SA Resources


Clinical guidelines for the treatment of social anxiety
The NHS's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published these guidelines in 2013.

The main point of reference for people suffering from social anxiety in the UK, with very active forums and chat rooms. 

NHS information about social anxiety
Useful information about social anxiety, its main symptoms and what help is available through the NHS.

A talk given by one of the leading UK experts on SA.

Best Sleep Health:
A Guide specifically created for anxiety and sleep deprivation during the outbreak of Covid19.

A guide (pdf document) written by the NHS.

The Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma is currently looking for volunteers for a research trial. Volunteers will receive free treatment for social anxiety. 

Dr Barbara Markway's  blog on  social anxiety. 

A charity organisation that offers information and support on a range of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety.

Website of a treatment centre in Phoenix (US). Its audio therapy series is well known in the social anxiety community.


American psychiatrist Murray Stein describes social anxiety.

A documentary about social anxiety.

How to live your stress healthily, rather than fighting it. 
Shame often plays an important part in the experience of social anxiety, however shame is rarely the subject of research or discussion. Brene Brown brings shame onto the stage, in a sensitive and honest manner.

"The power of introverts by" Susan Cains
Honouring and appreciating the gifts of shyness.

A talk on vulnerability and other themes that are relevant to social anxiety.

A researcher talks about what self esteem is, what the issues with it are and the practice and benefits of self compassion.

"Body Language Shapes Who You Are" by Amy Cuddy
Can we change our feelings and other people's perceptions of us by 
changing our body posture?

"The Power of Empathy" by Helen Riess
Dr Riess discusses the elements of empathy and human connection (such as eye contact, facial expression and tone of voice) and why they are fundamentally important in a person's life.


BBC radio programme on social anxiety (17 Feb 2016)