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- THE OPEN CENTRE - 188 Old Street - EC1V 9FR -
 From 4th March - 20th May 2019 - Every Monday night - 7pm to 10pm 
Plus a full day - Saturday 13th Apr - 10am to 5.30pm
* PRICE: £425 *
The group has limited places; if you are interested please contact me:
Email: therapygroup@sashgroup.org 
Or Call: Jo-Anne Nighy 07957 473 667

Join me on a journey of exploration into social anxiety. 
Your social anxiety is unique to you. 
Your reactions, thoughts and feelings 
all stem from your individual experience of the world and the relationships you have in it. To gain a better understanding of your self, your place within a group and your connection to others, we will be holding a 12 week therapy group to investigate and explore themes that are pertinent to people experiencing social anxiety. Content will include discussions and experiential exercises: What is social anxiety? How do we experience our anxiety in our thoughts, feelings and body? Who are we in a group? 
What impact do we have on others? 
Together we will explore areas such as; assertiveness, personal boundaries, creative expression, movement, shame, self judgement, 
self Love & mindfulness.



12 evenings + 1 whole day

Next group 
4th March - 20th May 2019

MONDAYS 7 - 10pm

About the group

Aims: This group aims to help participants engage in a deep exploration of their personal experience of interpersonal relationships. Each week, the group focuses on different themes relevant to social anxiety.

Who is it for? Anyone who feels motivated to engage in a deep exploration of their selves, committing to attending the group for 12 weeks.

Frequency: 12 Tuesday evenings (weekly, from September 27th to December 13th 2016) plus a full day (Saturday 5th November).

Location: The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, EC1V 9FR, London (see map here)

Attendance requirements: This is a "closed" group. Participants commit to attending for the whole course of meetings.

Group size: Between 6 and 12 participants.

Duration of meetings: each weekly meeting is 3 hours long. The full day is from 10am to 5.30pm.

Therapists: Jo-Anne Nighy and Fleur Melville.

Cost: £425 for the whole course (equivalent to a price of just under £10 per hour). A deposit of £175 is required in order to secure a place on the course.

How do I join? Please email us: therapygroup@sashgroup.org

We will contact you for an initial conversation and we will then send you an application form.

Testimonials from participants in our last therapy group

"I met other people who had the same problem I had. I had the opportunity to make some connections I would not normally have made. I listened to other peoples backgrounds and stories that let me know I was not alone in my suffering."

"It allowed time to reflect, be guided as well as challenged and consider with others in doing so. Just thinking on this, that’s kind of a rare thing..."


MONDAYS 7 - 9pm

(This Group will finish on 17th Dec 2018)

About the group

Aims: This group provides a space where people can share their experience of social anxiety.

Who is it for? Anyone who experiences social anxiety and wants to meet other people with similar issues, to share some of their personal story and hear other people's.

Frequency: The group meets every Monday, except for Bank Holidays and seasonal breaks (Christmas and summer)

Location: The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, EC1V 9FR, London (see map here)

Attendance requirements: This is an "open" group. No commitment to a series of meetings is required.

Group size: We usually have around 12 participants at each meeting. 

Facilitators: each meeting has one facilitator. Jo-Anne, Fleur, Rebecca and Mari alternate in the facilitator role.

Cost: £10 per meeting (concessionary price of £8 for students and the unemployed), payable in cash at the end of the evening.

How do I join? Please contact the SASH team (click here