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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the self-help group and the therapy group?

The self-help group is an open group that provides a space where socially anxious people can meet, talk and support one another. The meeting facilitator takes the group through a series of simple activities that aim to allow participants to share their story and explore their experience of social contact in a safe and non-judgemental way. Group activities are different from session to session, depending on the facilitator, group size ad other factors. Visit the Participants feedback section of this website to read about individual experiences of the group.

The therapy group encourages and allows a deeper exploration of the self and of the relationship with others. The group is experiential, meaning that participants will engage in various activities  designed to explore different aspects and issues related to interpersonal relationships.

Who facilitates meetings?

The self-help group (Monday nights) is led by one facilitator. We have a team of four facilitators (Jo-Anne, Fleur, Mari and Rebecca) who alternate in leading the meetings.

The therapy group is co-facilitated by Jo-Anne and Fleur.

How can the groups help me?

Both groups provide an opportunity for social contact and self-exploration. The experience can be very rewarding. Some examples of the possibilities offered by a meeting:

  • Realising that many people experience social anxiety - you are not alone. During the meeting you can share stories and compare your experiences with those of other people;
  • Exploring your experience of being seen and being heard by others;
  • Practising different ways to communicate or relate to other people, in a safe environment;
  • Identifying and exploring your mental/emotional patterns related to social anxiety;
  • Practising simple relaxation exercises that you can do on your own;
  • Practising specific behaviours, such as reading in front of a group or taking questions from the group;
  • Meeting new people.