SA Research Study

Are you interested in participating in a research study on social anxiety? 

Two researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry of King's College London are looking for volunteers to participate in a study exploring thoughts and feelings around social situations

The research is investigating why and how people might experience social anxiety symptoms, and how different thinking styles relate to people developing social anxiety.

The study is looking for English-speaking volunteers aged 18 or over, who experience social anxiety. If you are selected for participating in the study, you will attend an appointment at the Institute of Psychiatry in Denmark Hill (in South London). During the appointment you will be asked questions about symptoms you may be experiencing. You will also need to complete some questionnaires and activities. The appointment will take several hours. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to have breaks. If you prefer, the appointment can take place over two days. You will receive reimbursement of travel expenses (up to a reasonable level), as well as up to £50 as a thank you payment for participating in the study.

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